Monday, September 12, 2011

August in the Gables

Another fun month full of firsts! The pictures are in no particular order...but I will gladly narrate along the way. Above you will see Ms. Babykins with her 9 month sticker. She started standing all on her own at the very beginning of August.
Tia Lucia came in town from Nicaragua and we went to Key Biscayne for a fun visit. Here is Babykins with Tia Lucia and Coco.
Potluck fun for all the kids at Casa Tolmach! Here the kiddos are showing off their sitting abilities. Adria is the best at this since her 2nd birthday was days away at this point. This night we discovered that C likes pasta, veggie sticks and turkey slices!
Here's our boyfriend Miles. Isn't he handsome?
Here all are the mamas with babies in Miles' room.
Linds came to Miami for work and got to got over for dinner and hang with us. Babykins was very excited to meet mommy's sophomore year roommate in college. She enjoyed the story of their room flooding...good times!
One of our funnest visits was to Ft. Lauderdale to see the Gappelbergs visiting all the way from Texas. Above you will see that smile comes from our first time in a wing.
Auntie K with babykins and Maddie who is such a big girl! Love her!
Tio Chris snapped this shot one Sunday night.
Big bows just for fun in this picture with Coco.
Playing the piano at Mimi and Babo's house.
Pool time with Coco at Tia Tex's house on a Sunday after church.
The summer would not be complete without a visit to the museum! Here babykins is enjoying the door...maybe a little too much!
Georgia turned 2! Look how big she is! (all the way to the right). Here are some of the kiddos.
C with one of her buddies, Dale who is only 1 month older than she is. They had a great time with all the Knights toys at Georgia's birthday party.
Crazy Tio Ernie took this picture of Los Slesnick at gallery walk in the Gables.
Here the Slesnick girls are matching in orange with our friends Michelle and Micah at our friend Daniela's 1st birthday party.
Fun times with our cousins! A gaggle of girls!

Loving on mom and dad.
Hanging out with Mimi.
Intrigued by Tia Kiki and Grandmother.

All in all it was a fun ...and very hot and rainy month of August.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Again Again!

See this face? This is not only the face of a child riding in the cart at for the first time...but its the face of a child who right when SMU goes in to score its first touchdown in the season opener against Texas A&M last night, takes 4 independent steps!

She had done this last week...once...but had not done it again. Now--- she has repeated the feat...and every time she does it, she looks so surprised and proud of herself. I WILL catch this on camera if it kills me!