Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mini's Announcement

I know we've been bad about posting pictures...but we've been busy. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little things

When C says "coconuts" she's referring to polka-dots... And today I discovered she like it when it's "lloviendo rapido"... Direct translation, raining fast.

Monday, August 26, 2013

July in Miami (C 2.8)

Hot fun in the summer! We spent the month in camp, visiting museums, celebrating the 4th, Bastille Day and friends birthday parties. C now is full on bi-lingual, she remembers everything and everyone...she loves Princess Sofia, riding her bike around the block, and playing with friends.
C on 4th of July with a sparker

Posing after her first dinner at La Carreta on 8th Street

A visit to the Miami Science Museum

Breakfast with friends at Burger Bobs
A visit to the Miami Children's Museum with friends

Exploring the snail maze at MCM

4th of July

Climbing up the water slide at Olivia's birthday fete

Big girl


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Dinner at La Carreta

Bastille Day Dinner

Park days with our friends

Hope you've been having a great summer!!


Monday, July 8, 2013

June 2013 in Miami

Still saying things like "saquepines" instead of "calcetines" and "A mi quiere leche" but mastering the English language as well, "Oh, papi is working" and making requests like "I want La Bamba"...wearing mostly "calzones de nina grande" while at home and most of all enjoying her summer at camp, park and friends pools.
Enjoying the closing party of Teen Miami at HistoryMiami

Church time with her Godparents

C at the Brickell Magazine Top 20 Under 40 Party with fellow recipient and friend Tony Lima

Don, Ceci, Chris and Tania at the Top 20 Under 40 Party

Pool time with Dani

Los primos Palazio-Sacasa

C with her Palazio cousins at Pinecrest Gardens

Father's Day

Olivia, Babo, Julia, Tio Junion, C and Don on Father's Day

Friday gang at Jake's birthday 2nd bash

Enjoying pool side corn with Dani

C went to the Miami Heat victory parade, here is Lebron James

C and Don at the Biltmore Pool

Sketching in our cabana at the Biltmore Hotel pool

Cabana 5

Hope you had a great month! 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Over and Out

There are some things that C does that are very ME...and other things that are very D. For example, she loves her some shoes....i.e. very ME, she doesn't care for naps, ME...staying up late, VERY D! Last night I tried putting her to bed at 9:00 (which I know is late, but it's early for this child). She did not want to go to bed...she staged WWIII, and would not go to bed. Finally at around 9:30 we heard her door knob twisting, and out into the living room she came.

Me:  C, did you climb out of your crib?
C: Si
D: How? 
C: No se
Me: C, come show Mami...

[we walk to her room] 

C: There, I left (she points at the crib). 

New challenge, unfortunately accepted. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May in Miami: C officially 2.5

Our sweet girl is officially 2.5 and acting like it. Her ability to communicate with us in both languages is as easy as breathing to her. She's singing, dancing, coloring and picking out most of her clothes. This month she also got a scooter which she loves to go around the block on.  She is still saying things like "A mi please" and started picking up funny phrases like "relax Ceci!" All in all she is a joy, we're blessed and we're having a great time together. This is a great age!
Hanging out with Tia Lucia at Coco's

Watching a video of her primos with Tia Antonella

Group hug with our teens at HistoryMiami on our final Saturday with them after 3 wonderful and transformative years.

Mother's Day brunch at our house with Coco

Mimi on Mother's Day with her girls

All the mamas and their girls

Sporting her new swimwear

at the Beaux Arts End of the Year Party with friend and amazing photographer, Sheri Mazariegos.

Don cooking his famous hot dogs at St. Philip's on Memorial Day weekend

Playground time with Miles

Memorial Day BBQ at Tios

Don and his parents on Memorial Day

Splendor in the grass

Riding her new scooter (thank you Mimi and Babo)

Final board meeting of Junior League of Miami for Ceci as VP Community

Mother's Day

Summer is here!

Kathleen's newest girl, Casey

That says it all...
I hope  the beginging of your summer is wonderful!