Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 1 : Full Casa Sles

S has been with us for a week now. So far he likes being outside, going for walks, sleeping and eating. He's a great sleeper and a champ eater. He squeeks and smiles as he dozes off. His dimples make me smile and the smell of his hair is intoxicating.

C with Coco meeting S for the first time. 

My beautiful children 

Ready to go home from the hospital in the same outfit his sister did. 

Reading to her brother

S' first visit to Tio Dr. Ernie's office 

I look forward to seeing how he continues to change and grow in the coming weeks, and how C continues to take on her very important role of big sister. He is so lucky to have her and she is blessed to have him...and we are forever grateful to have them both. 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 1, 2014... On The Day That You Were Born...

At 10:35am in some OR at South Miami Hospital, our family was completed with the arrival of Sebastian Wolf.

The C-Section was quick and before I knew it "the head is out" and then Dr. Nikitin was raising him over the curtain to show him to me...he then quickly peed on me. NO LIE! My sons initial reaction to meeting me was to pee. Don then went over for the cutting of umbilical chord and Sebastian was brought over to me to hold. Crying and instantly falling in love my 8lb13oz, 22 inch bundle of joy stole my heart.

We've now been home for a number of days (came home on Saturday), and we're settling in. Big sister C is in love and makes sure to give him kisses on the head and tell him she loves him often. She also told him the other day "Sebastian (which she pronounces Seh-bahs-tion), I'm your best friend". A feeling I hope will be mutual for a while.

More pictures will come, but we are well. So far S is a good sleeper, a champ eater...and his weigh-in and height check at his appointment with Dr. Tio Ernie was 8lb12oz and 1/4 inch shorter. I'll do my best to post funny stories and precious moments.