Monday, January 31, 2011

Bumbo Time!

This morning we were having come tummy and back time on our mat...when I thought to myself, "Self...I wonder how she would do in the bumbo seat? Is she old enough?" So I read the box, which says it can be used if child can hold their head up... which she totally can... so in we went.

Here she is...initially she didn't like it and cried...but she only cried for a few seconds...then let me have a foto shoot which lead to this beautiful picture.

Today also marks the beginging of my final week of maternity week. It's SO sad!! Unless I win the lottery I will never spend this much free time with my baby girl...until I have another baby. It's so sad that the United States does not follow in the lead of other industrialized countries and support parents with maternity and paternity leave. Wish I lived in Canada where my job would be safe and I could be on leave for a whole year with my sweet girl. Is there nothing we can do about this?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 months and 3 weeks old...the first 100 days

We're nearing the end of my maternity leave...something which makes me sad, but I knew the day was coming. Chechi and I have had am amazing time getting to know each other and exploring the city together, meeting friends and growing together. Here are some pictures of what we have been up to... Chechi with her two godparents. Now that the date is set, preparations have begun for her big day! This was taken after her first mass service at St. Philip's, we went so I could get my birthday blessing...and because we want to start making it to church on Sundays again as much as possible. In the coming weeks Chechi is going to have another new friend, John Charles. Sarah (in the black) is due with her third on January 31, just 2 days after my birthday. Here we are at Sarah's baby shower with our friend Jessica who opened her home up for the event.

All we're missing is Julia in this picture. It's hard to believe Olivia will be 5 later this year...time flies, and I know before we know it, Chechi will be in her shoes...literally.
This is my new favorite picture of Chechi and's now my facebook profile picture.
Pretty girl is all dresses up and ready to go to a baby shower for our friend Michelle. She discovered her hands over the past few weeks and she will not take them out of her mouth. I tell her it's not becoming, but she won't listen. We'll have to work on that...'s Chechi in a tub!!!

Here we are with our friend Michelle who is having a little boy in a few weeks. Chechi is surrounded by baby boys!

We helped Coco celebrate her 6__ birthday this month. After spending the day with Coco we put on our cutest ensemble and went over to her beautiful home to celebrate with family and friends.

Spending some time with Daddy on Coco's birthday. Sweet girl is all smiles these days and enjoying her time with us...when she's not hungry, cranky or sleeping.

The Coral Gables Farmer's Market also kicked-off this month. Every Saturday in front of City Hall, tents pop up with treasures and goodies and neighbors come out to enjoy the day. This is Chechi on opening Saturday.

Our friend Melissa spends her Fridays with her baby boy, Miles...on this particular Friday she invited us to come with them to Fairchild Tropical Garden. Here is Chechi napping next to this sheep sculpture. Baaaaaa
The ladies at the Island Shop said if her picture was taken holding a $100 bill, she'd always have money...naturally we believe them, so we took this picture. Don't worry, we returned the $100 to the register.
So that is what we have been up to these past 2 weeks. We are now starting my "Birthday Week" we'll be spending a lot of time with family and friends in the coming days. Pictures to come!

Monday, January 10, 2011

...and a Happy New Year!

Since the 1st of the year we have been very busy. I think it is because we have found our groove...Chechi is doing great! Today we went to her 2 month check-up and to quote Dr. Tio Ernie, "You guys have a perfect baby"... she's in the 75% for weight at 11 lbs12 oz and 97% in height at 24 1/4 inches! Today she not only had her first round of shots, but her rite of passage ear piercing. It was painful to watch (I choked up a little) ...but I'm SO glad we did it. She will be thankful in years to come...and now she can inherit all of my and Coco's treasures!!!

Here are some pictures from the month so far...enjoy! The Slesnicks at the Junior Orange Bowl 62nd Annual Parade (our good friend Pete chaired for the 2nd year in a row. It was such fun and the best part was the Stanford University band, who was in town for the Orange Bowl Game).
Look at those cheeks!!!

Here we are with Padrino Chris at the Epiphany (3 Reyes Magos) party at MaryBeth's. It was also Chechi's 2 month birthday on this day.
Babo and Mimi enjoyed spending time with their littlest "cutie pie" at the party.

Looking pretty for our friend Miles' baptism. Miles is super cute and only 7 months older...we see lots of play dates in our future!

Here we all are.

One of my favorite pictures of her with Coco! This was taken at the Beaux Arts Festival on 1.9.11

Getting ready for shots and ear piercing with Daddy. He's not doing a good job of consoling us is he?
Fortunately later in the day she was happy as a clam (baby tylenol helped)... isn't this a great picture?!
So that is what we have been up to so far in 2011!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays with the Family

It was Chechi's first Christmas...this means that we will remember it and she won't...which is GREAT, because it was pathetic! D was sick from the 22-29th...and she and I actually moved out to my mom's for the week. He had the flu with fevers off and on for days, and it was not smart for us to be home. So...sadly D spent Christmas alone, while we spent time with both halves of the family. Here are some pictures from the 25-26th... no pictures from the 24th because that was a nice dinner in pj's with midnight mass or extended family on that night---just the 3 Cecilia's, pj's and White Christmas on AMC.

Tia Marta with the girls opening gifts from Tia Cecilia.

Juju and Oli in matching Paul Frank PJ's...I can't wait for Chechi to be a part of this tradition! Yay for Christmas 2011!!

Coco with her baby on the 26th at my in-laws for dinner. It was cold on this day and really made the holiday feel like the holidays!

Here I am with my little girl on Christmas day.
Tio Renato & Tia Gloria came to visit with Mateo and Adriano while we were in exile--it was really nice to see them and have the primos meet.

For New Year's we were back home---and she decided to eat nearly every hour on the hour from there wasn't much "excitement" ...but it was nice.