Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts and Hugs Day from Lil C

Happy Hearts and Hugs Day from this one to all the sweet boys in her life, both near and far!
Tio (Chris, Miguel, Derek, Luis)
Cooley Brothers
Michael G.

By the way...what a difference a year makes!

Monday, February 6, 2012

15 Month Stats

Happy 15 Month Birthday C! 15 months ago she came into the world weighing 8.23 lbs at a height of 21 inches. Today she's 21.1 lbs and 32.5 inches...97% height and about 45% weight. Tall and thin...the envy of most!

I love how her hair is curling and lightening ...but most of all how her personality is making its mark in this world, and in our hearts.

We love you baby girl!

A New and Exciting Year

2012 sure did start off with a bang! First of all we want to thank everyone for keeping D in their prayers as he was sick at the beginning of the year. He is doing much better and enjoying the weight loss he involuntarily experienced.  Other than that...January was your normal ordinary run of the mill January...promises to keep a tidier home, get healthier, and enjoy more time with the family were made while Coco and Ceci both blew candles out on their birthday cakes.  Lil C added more words to her vocabulary, and has started saying "COCO" and "MIMI" when we arrive at their respective homes. She's grown fond of dolls, calling them "Nunu" and rocking them to sleep. She's still fascinated with our phones (a.k.a. "Alo"), loves to dance to the music and go on mommy's runs in the evening. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the month of January. We hope you enjoy them...

 Junior Orange Bowl Parade---reception at Venetian Pool and then in the Grandstands with Tio Chris.

 Mommy's night out with friends at the Beaux Arts Bare Bones Bash---this year's theme was "Royal or Not" lots of fun costumes!
 Enjoying a fun Saturday morning at Books and Books. Did I mention she loves her books?!
 Off to church!
 Church ladies, Mimi and C

 At Pinecrest Gardens with Mami and Tia Ana (who she calls by name and adores). Look at that hair!
 Snuggling with Tio Chino at Coco's
 Making Daddy feel better
The last 3 pictures are from fun times with friends at our friends Jimi and Allison's wedding in Islamorada and then Ceci's 17+17 birthday dinner with friends.

So there you go---a great month, a start to a wonderful year. Happy and healthy wishes from us to you!