Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Step at a Time

Yesterday started like any other day-- sometime around 7:30am babykins woke me up with her serenade of tears. After breakfast we played for a while then Coco came over and we ran errands...then when we got home babykins stood for seconds at a time, several times...then one of those times, she did it...she took ONE step...then face plated...but its OK...she didn't cry, she pulled herself back up and bounced in joy.

One small step for giant leap in all our lives. Wish us luck...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Up Stand Up

There I was sitting on the floor of her playpen with her when the inevitable yet unexpected happened. She STOOD UP...BY HERSELF...WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO ANYTHING! ...then she sat down...and STOOD UP AGAIN! ...we were home alone and the camera phone is all I I apologize for the blur of a shot. The standing occurred for seconds at a time...but it occurred. Amazing. AMAZING!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Bedtime became less stressful when babykins started sleeping through the night. Once we did our sleep training the "routine" was something I enjoyed.
7:30 Dinner
8:00 Bath
8:30 Bed
...however it is the 1/2 hour between bath and bed that is nice. She gets her bath, then we change into our PJ's after getting ears cleaned. We then go over to the windows and sing, "Buenas noches sol, es hora de dormir"... then we plug in our pink Lilly Pulitzer elephant nightlight that Tia Kiki gave us. Then we sit in our chair with our giraffe lovie that Tia Kiki gave us and we read 1-2 books. We then say our prayers and then sing, "I Will" by the Beatles and "Goodnight" by the Beatles.

When I was about 15 I fell in love with the Beatles. I bought every CD and listened to them all the time. It was "my thing". Some kids dye their hair, others drink...I listened to the Beatles. I remember when I was first listening to "Goodnight" I thought to myself, "someday I am going to sing this to my kids as their bedtime lullaby" ...FFWD 18 years later, and it is. I like to think that 15 year old me is smiling at 33 year old me every night as I hold babykins near me and sing her these words...

Now it's time to say good night
Good night Sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night Sleep tight
Now the moon begins to shine
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Close your eyes and I'll close mine
Good night Sleep tight
Now the sun turns out his light
Good night Sleep tight
Dream sweet dreams for me
Dream sweet dreams for you.

Good night Good night Everybody
Everybody everywhere
Good night.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bock Bock Bock Yack

Tonight I decided to bit the bullet and start babykins on meats... well, silly me did not do her homework. I just popped open a jar of turkey...and she made a face...then she gagged...then she yacked.
What do you do when your baby yacks? Open up a jar of chicken...NATURALLY... (I did give her water and clean her off before she got a spoonful of chicken).
What does babykins do? Gag...
Needless to say it was cereal, veggies and fruit for dinner... after some Facebook research, I learned that I should have mixed the meat with a veggie.
There's always tomorrow! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Houston...We Have a Tooth!

For many Friday July 8 was the day that NASA launched the Space Shuttle Atlantis into space for the final time (Mimi and Babo got to go see it).
For was the day Babykins got her first tooth! Her lower left "central incisor" has shown itself and its presence also why on "Thursday" she woke up 3 times in the middle in the night! we go, bring it on teeth! We are armed and ready with our amber necklace, orajel and baby Tylenol!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June in Miami

Another great month in Miami with our family and friends. Some fun firsts to share with you...
C and I went to our friend Micha's baptism. Here are proud mommies with their babies. Aren't they cute?
We celebrated Babo's 10 years in office as Mayor of Coral Gables at a big cocktail party/ roast at the Biltmore Hotel. The party has held in the same space that our wedding reception was held nearly 5 years ago!
It was Babo's first Father's Day with 3 granddaughters! We had all the dads (and moms) over to our house for a BBQ. D made his pulled pork (which keeps getting better).
Here we are on Father's Day with C. Don't we have a sweet little family? --This week also marked our beginning of "sleep training" ...and fortunately (knock on wood...quick)... it's worked and C is now officially sleeping through the night (8:30pm-7:30am...give or take a few minutes on either end).
Here's another fun first...the beach! We went to the lagoon at Mattheson Hammock with our friends (big and small). It was lots of fun and C enjoyed eating the wet sand. Miles and C had a really fun time sharing beach toys while Adria ran around in the water. Next summer all 3 will be dashing around in the water together! Here are our 3 sweeties in their "matching" embroidered hats from Stitching Around.

Pumpkin is officially wearing 12 month clothes now! CRAZY!
On to more firsts....C went to her first JOBC Social. She had been to a meeting, but never a full on social. She was a hit and had a great time too! Here she is with her Tia Kiki at the social at Le Provencal on Miracle Mile.
C discovered her dad's guitar this month. She likes not only listening to him---but she also likes to strum the strings. She just crawls over, pulls herself up and starts going at it. It's a very sweet sight.
Lots of fun play dates! We played with Adria at home...
We played with Miles at the Knights house (all 3 Knight kids and Adria were there too)
We put on this cute outfit for a play date with Coco (who is hiding behind babykins in this picture).
In June we also had a fun visit from our friends the Berlins from Boulder who came to see their family and have Isla baptized. In the picture above, Maureen and Isla are with C&C at our house.
Don is Isla's Godfather and here we are at her baptism at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Coral Gables.
Finally...we wrapped up our month on a super fun high note...literally! In November 2009, D bought us tickets to see U2 in June 2010...well Bono hurt his back and the shows were rescheduled for this summer... 19 months, 1 new house, 1 new car, 1 baby later...we saw Florence and the Machine open for one of our favorite bands, U2. It was an amazing show, and our 3rd time seeing them together.

I'll post her 8 month picture from today (July 6) and her first 4th of July soon!...pinky swear! 'Til then, be good and do good (my new favorite quote courtesy of President John Adams).