Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June in Miami

Another great month in Miami with our family and friends. Some fun firsts to share with you...
C and I went to our friend Micha's baptism. Here are proud mommies with their babies. Aren't they cute?
We celebrated Babo's 10 years in office as Mayor of Coral Gables at a big cocktail party/ roast at the Biltmore Hotel. The party has held in the same space that our wedding reception was held nearly 5 years ago!
It was Babo's first Father's Day with 3 granddaughters! We had all the dads (and moms) over to our house for a BBQ. D made his pulled pork (which keeps getting better).
Here we are on Father's Day with C. Don't we have a sweet little family? --This week also marked our beginning of "sleep training" ...and fortunately (knock on wood...quick)... it's worked and C is now officially sleeping through the night (8:30pm-7:30am...give or take a few minutes on either end).
Here's another fun first...the beach! We went to the lagoon at Mattheson Hammock with our friends (big and small). It was lots of fun and C enjoyed eating the wet sand. Miles and C had a really fun time sharing beach toys while Adria ran around in the water. Next summer all 3 will be dashing around in the water together! Here are our 3 sweeties in their "matching" embroidered hats from Stitching Around.

Pumpkin is officially wearing 12 month clothes now! CRAZY!
On to more firsts....C went to her first JOBC Social. She had been to a meeting, but never a full on social. She was a hit and had a great time too! Here she is with her Tia Kiki at the social at Le Provencal on Miracle Mile.
C discovered her dad's guitar this month. She likes not only listening to him---but she also likes to strum the strings. She just crawls over, pulls herself up and starts going at it. It's a very sweet sight.
Lots of fun play dates! We played with Adria at home...
We played with Miles at the Knights house (all 3 Knight kids and Adria were there too)
We put on this cute outfit for a play date with Coco (who is hiding behind babykins in this picture).
In June we also had a fun visit from our friends the Berlins from Boulder who came to see their family and have Isla baptized. In the picture above, Maureen and Isla are with C&C at our house.
Don is Isla's Godfather and here we are at her baptism at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Coral Gables.
Finally...we wrapped up our month on a super fun high note...literally! In November 2009, D bought us tickets to see U2 in June 2010...well Bono hurt his back and the shows were rescheduled for this summer... 19 months, 1 new house, 1 new car, 1 baby later...we saw Florence and the Machine open for one of our favorite bands, U2. It was an amazing show, and our 3rd time seeing them together.

I'll post her 8 month picture from today (July 6) and her first 4th of July soon!...pinky swear! 'Til then, be good and do good (my new favorite quote courtesy of President John Adams).


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