Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day of School: PreK-3

Yesterday was C's first day of PreK-3. Her first year in uniform, her first year with the IB program, her first year in "big girl class". Her teacher is great and I am really looking forward to seeing her continued development under her tutelage.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rollie Pollie Wolfie

Tonight I put S in his crib to take a picture of the cute wolf on his bottom...when I did, he rolled right on over to his back. Thinking it was a fluke, C and I put him back on his belly and he rolled over onto his back again. We repeated this fun new trick over a half dozen times. Houston...we have a roller!



It may have been a fluke but on August 5 and then again on the 7th S slept ALLLLL night in his crib. Not his bassinet...but his crib. On the morning of the 8th I went and got him and C followed me into the bed. Soon after they cuddled up together and I snapped this sweet picture.

July 2014: SWS 3 Months, C 3.8

Growing big and strong, S starting cooing up a storm this month, began his life away from mama and with his "Tia Raquel"and started to outgrow his bassinet. Meanwhile, C finished up her summer camp adventures and geared up for the beginning of Pre-K3.  The kids enjoyed their first 4th together and continue to bind. S will not stop smiling at his big sister and she can't seem to give him enough hugs and kisses. Here are some of my favorite shots from July.
4th of July 

Slessie kids on the 4th 

Cousins loving on each other 

Showing off his out girls! 

Tummy time pro! 

Summer rains make for double rainbows in pink skies

The World Cup in Brazil ended...some of us were more happy with the final result than others... 

"Hey girl, hey"

Our Bastille Day dinner tradition continues ...we think this was year 7 or 8...who knows! 

S had fun on Bastille Day with us

I went back to work to discover two new galleries in our expanded facility! 

S's first dinner at La Carreta...he also went to Burger Bob's, Hillstone and out for pizza this month. 

What a bunch of yahoos!

My babies

Ready for church 

Biltmore pool fun! S enjoyed the water very much. 

Oe of his last nights in his bassinet (Thanks Mac!) 

Last day of summer camp

Aug. 1, 2014 

Months 1-3 

SWS Month 3 
14.2 lbs (75%)
25" long (85%)