Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Wishes

Probably not going to post anymore this week as D is sick and I have more wrapping to we hope you have an amazing Holiday!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Push Prize

All throughout my pregnancy people would tell me about the infamous "Push Prize"...what is a push prize, it is a gift given to the new mom from her husband after the birth of their baby.

Now...I did not push...but I still got a prize. I was not expecting one, and I was especially surprised when I got what I got. A silver key from Tiffany's...I'd never said I wanted one out loud...but I had wanted one.

So to all you girls out there who got a push prize, YAY...and those who did not...I would ask for something big this Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The One Handed Mama...

(4:30am) So there I was...innocently having fallen asleep in my cashmere sweater...when I had to feed baby and we both woke...feed feed feed...then she falls asleep and so I decided to move her to her bassinet...
when I start putting her down she moves in discomfort...I uncoil and readjust her...and then.. BLEH...all over the sleeve of my sweater, baby milky smelly upchuck...

...quickly I go into the nursery--- clean her off...but she's fallen asleep...what do I do? ....clean off the PJ and leave her in it naturally... I put her down... and go tend to my sweater....

Fast forward to 2 hours later... baby wakes...its feeding time again... this time as I am feeding her I realize, "sweetie you reek of baby bleh"... so what do I do? Naturally while nursing I walk to the kitchen and febreeze my baby...doesn't every normal mother do this at 6:30am? ....head back to the nursery and realize you still stink...only now you smell like baby bleh trying to be covered up by febreeze...and its NOT working... so we change her into PJs which then lead us to both being VERY tired...and she immediately came into bed with me to sleep. Happily...she is still's now 10am.

Friday, December 10, 2010

You Ought to be in Pictures...

Our professional photos by Sheri are up in a gallery and ready to be seen by you!

Simply click here and enter the password, "ceci" all lower case.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

To learn more about Sheri's work or to book her, click here. She is an amazing talent and you will not be disappointed if you use her!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visiting Hours Have Been Extended

Chechi is nearly a month old and in her first month she has had many visitors--family, friends and playmates too! Here are some shots of Ms. Chechi with her loving visitors during November.
Veronica came to visit us during her lunch break.

Tio Miguel came to visit while he was home for Thanksgiving.

Tia Ivon came and spent the afternoon with us, even brought a gift and food!

Auntie M came by with Miles to visit on a pretty and sunny Sunday afternoon.

Lauren and Dale came by for a walk to the Liberty Cafe on a lovely afternoon. Dale is 3 weeks older than Chechi.

Tia Caye came to visit with Tio Damien and Alexandre, who is 6 months old now.

J was one of the first people to come visit Chechi at the house.

Tia Ana came to visit as soon as she could when she got back from Argentina.
Lots of other Tias and friends came to see us in our first month together as a family. It has been a challenge, but worth every moment with Chechi.
...common question..."What are you calling her?" ...well, my mom calls me Chechi... so I have been calling her Ceci, which is what my friends call me... so I will be calling her Ceci and or Chechi...and there will be many more nicknames in due time, I am sure.