Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visiting Hours Have Been Extended

Chechi is nearly a month old and in her first month she has had many visitors--family, friends and playmates too! Here are some shots of Ms. Chechi with her loving visitors during November.
Veronica came to visit us during her lunch break.

Tio Miguel came to visit while he was home for Thanksgiving.

Tia Ivon came and spent the afternoon with us, even brought a gift and food!

Auntie M came by with Miles to visit on a pretty and sunny Sunday afternoon.

Lauren and Dale came by for a walk to the Liberty Cafe on a lovely afternoon. Dale is 3 weeks older than Chechi.

Tia Caye came to visit with Tio Damien and Alexandre, who is 6 months old now.

J was one of the first people to come visit Chechi at the house.

Tia Ana came to visit as soon as she could when she got back from Argentina.
Lots of other Tias and friends came to see us in our first month together as a family. It has been a challenge, but worth every moment with Chechi.
...common question..."What are you calling her?" ...well, my mom calls me Chechi... so I have been calling her Ceci, which is what my friends call me... so I will be calling her Ceci and or Chechi...and there will be many more nicknames in due time, I am sure.

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