Thursday, December 16, 2010

The One Handed Mama...

(4:30am) So there I was...innocently having fallen asleep in my cashmere sweater...when I had to feed baby and we both woke...feed feed feed...then she falls asleep and so I decided to move her to her bassinet...
when I start putting her down she moves in discomfort...I uncoil and readjust her...and then.. BLEH...all over the sleeve of my sweater, baby milky smelly upchuck...

...quickly I go into the nursery--- clean her off...but she's fallen asleep...what do I do? ....clean off the PJ and leave her in it naturally... I put her down... and go tend to my sweater....

Fast forward to 2 hours later... baby wakes...its feeding time again... this time as I am feeding her I realize, "sweetie you reek of baby bleh"... so what do I do? Naturally while nursing I walk to the kitchen and febreeze my baby...doesn't every normal mother do this at 6:30am? ....head back to the nursery and realize you still stink...only now you smell like baby bleh trying to be covered up by febreeze...and its NOT working... so we change her into PJs which then lead us to both being VERY tired...and she immediately came into bed with me to sleep. Happily...she is still's now 10am.


  1. Because I am a good mom... I came home from picking G up at daycare and changed his diaper, fed him. he pooped. Changed him. Finished feeding him. He pooped again. Changed him and put him in his sleep sack fora nap. He pooped. I then put him to sleep. poo and all.

  2. The things we do that we never thought we would right?

  3. Febreeze is a great invention! too funny