Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Family

This was definitely a Thanksgiving of firsts... it was the first Thanksgiving that we went out as a family and got our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving Day...and it was the first time Ceci went to get a tree. She enjoyed the field trip--especially when big cousins Olivia and Julia came over to the stroller to say hi. Here is Olivia with a sprig and her slightly uncomfortable cousin Ceci.
Later that afternoon we walked over to Mimi and Babo's house with Coco for Ceci's first Thanksgiving. Normally we eat at Grandmother's...but this year we changed it up a bit. It was a nice evening with loads of amazing food. As usual my round of seconds was for my sister-in-law's (Kathleen...Kiki) green beans, D's garlic mash, and my own corn casserole (it's Paula Deen's...but I have claimed it as my own). Kiki also made her amazing pumpkin soup this year. Delish!
Now I don't know if it was the meal...but when I fed Ceci at 9:30pm (finishing her meal at around 10pm)...she did not come-a-callin' until 4:30am!!! God Bless this child!!!

Today we went on a field trip to visit MamaKanga, a lovely woman named Amanda in the Gables who specializes in carriers. We'd been eyeing the Moby Wrap and decided to get one before Holiday madness starts...and I am considering going to Art Basel this coming week so the wrap would be most handy. We LOVE our stroller, but sometimes you need a little something more portable. Here we are on the patio modeling our newest addition to the baby gear (which consequently all her travel gear is in red). Ceci is currently napping in the Moby...something tells me she loves it.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finger in the Diaper

(something for her to read in the future)

Dear Ceci,

Wanna know how much I love you? When you were a few weeks old, I loved you so much that I would check your diaper sometimes by sticking my finger in your diaper and then smelling it to make sure you were still good to go. That's when I knew I was your mom and I would do anything for you...the day your fashionably put together mom smelled her fingers for pee or poo.

Love you,
Mama C

Friday, November 19, 2010

Professional Shots of Baby C

Sheri is an amazing phographer. You may remember pictures she took of us while I was pregnant. Well, Tuesday...she came and took pictures of Baby Ceci. She was fussy at first, but then fell asleep...and magic!

Click here to see.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Ceci Anne

Once Upon a Time... at 11:57am November 6, sweet baby girl was born at South Miami Hospital. After just over 8 hours, things ended in the OR rather than delivery room...but it was worth it. Ceci was greeted by her Dad and shortly there after, her Coco (abuela) and Tia Kiki (who is also her Godmother).

I thought I would share the final sighting of me pregnant on Friday November 5. In the coming weeks as we adjust to life together more pictures will come...for now...just know we are all well. As well as new parents to a nearly 1 week old can be...we're learning and sleeping as much as we can...being patient and loving our girl so so so much.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Cecilia Anne was born on Saturday Nov. 6 at 11:57am at South Miami Hospital.

We are well and getting into the swing of life with eachother.

Pictures to come.

xo. C

Thursday, November 4, 2010

39 and Feeling Fine

Talk about home stretch! I'm officially 39 weeks pregnant! Only 6 DAYS until my due I have a gut feeling. This child is going to come right around her due date...I feel like somewhere in the Tuesday 9 - Thursday 11 range she will make her appearance in the world...we'll see. I will say, I will miss this. I have really enjoyed my pregnancy. She's been a great little resident and I know she will be just as lovely as an external resident.

For the time being she is letting people know she is tucked away inside by making alien-like movements which people see and marvel at. Some tell me I will soon forget what this feels like...but how can you? It feels like an alien inside you moving around, makiong themselves at home.

If we make it to next Wednesday...well you'll see another picture like this...if we don't...then you'll see one of me with the baby.

Time has flown...