Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June in Miami...C turns 19 months

I've created a monster!

She loves her friends

Pinecrest Splash Park

Primas! Olivia 5, C 19 mos.

(L-R) Miles 2, Bailey 6, C 19 mos, Georgia 2, Olivia 5

Hanging out with Tio Chris

Father's Day

Las primas

C and Griffin...she really didn't like his motorcycle...


Laying in the Heat victory parade aftermath

Guayabera Exhibition opening at HistoryMiami

Looking like more like a her papa than her mama in this picture!
Ceci is talking more than ever. Climbing more than ever. Running more than ever. She says "Amen" in church, she randomly talks about people in her life. She remembers so much it's amazing. She discovered high heels, continues to enjoy Disney Junior and will bust out into song at any time. As for the grown ups...we enjoyed a visit from our friend Griffin, and a Miami Heat victory!