Friday, December 5, 2014


He didn't know what he was saying...but he said it today. A-bababa has turned into A-mamama



Not tooth....

S had a rough go this week and it culminated in the breaking through of both his bottom teeth on Tuesday night. No more gummy smiles.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

S 6 months, C 4yo

SWS 18.6 lbs 60%
          29"  98%

CAS  38lbs 
          40 1/4" 

What a fun month with the family! S reached a major milestone of 6 months and C is now a BIG girl of 4! This month brought more firsts for S...completely crawling now, standing and cruising there is no stopping him! C continues to enjoy drawing, ballet and playing with her friends and cousins. S has also developed a phrase, "abawawawa" while C still manages both english and spanish like a pro. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 Month Stats

17.3 lbs = 60%
28" = 98% 

Starting solids this month...nom nom nom! 


September in Miami 2014...

The  summer officially came to an end and C started ballet while S enjoyed month 4. S started to sit up and also the beginning phases of crawling. Big fun milestones for both the kids. Meanwhile, Mommy got to go to DC to sit on a grant panel for the Smithsonian and left both kids in the loving care of Daddy and Coco (when Daddy went out of town at the same time too). Speaking of Daddy, D continues to run 5Ks every other night, and making healthy delicious dinners every night. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the month to share with you. We hope you had a great month! 
C enjoys Labor Day at the Miami Children's Museum with her friend George

Baby bubbles 

S and his Mimi 

Mimi and Babo with S 

Ballet with her two BFFs Raquel and Valentina 

Ready to go!

Movie party with her friends from school 

Don and Sebas

Snuggling with their Tia Antonella 

Friday happy hour with friends 

Kisses from his Tia Kiki

Loving DC

Cec & Jess

Las primas en DC 

Her present from DC (museum nerd in the making)

Oh we go! 

The four of us


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

August in Miami- SWS 4 months C 3.9

Another fun month exploring with the kids. SWS is now rolling, doing raspberries, wanting to crawl so badly...he can scoot himself around on his mat. He also graduated to the mat from his swing. Grabbing for things and enjoying playtime with his sister. C started PreK-3 and ballet this month. She still enjoys to paint, visit museums, play with her friends, music and her dolls. As for the grown ups...Don continues to run and his "after school activities" have started up again...and I am busy at the museum as we opened a new exhibit from the Smithsonian. We're also ALL excited that college football is back! GO GATORS! GO PONIES! There's a picture of me at the opening with Latin rock legend, Alex Gonzalez from Mana. Here are some of our favorite pictures from August.

Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day of School: PreK-3

Yesterday was C's first day of PreK-3. Her first year in uniform, her first year with the IB program, her first year in "big girl class". Her teacher is great and I am really looking forward to seeing her continued development under her tutelage.