Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April in Miami

Spring sprung and with it fun activities like C on a trike by herself and on the back of D's bike. More little friends having birthdays, honors for Ceci, and funny celebrity run ins. C is speaking in full on Spanish and English, she loves to sing, she's discovered Ketchup and is just about ready to move into a big girl bed! 
C with her helmet on her trike

Our friend Ava turns 1

Lunching with some amazing friends

At Historic Java Head

Meeting Randy the Cowboy from the Village People

Meeting Sam Champion from ABC's Good Morning America

Meet local stylist, Sammy and his husband. "Si yo no luzco bien, tu no luces bien" ...he told me to go to Navarro and buy his products for my summer frizz...

My friend Tony and I did a great job of keeping a HUGE secret this month.

Running the last Community Council Meeting for JLM

C at Bee's Communion

C on the People Mover for the first time

SO honored

Our little secret...

Hope you had a great month! My secret announcement will be made sometime in the next day or two...


Friday, April 12, 2013

March 2013 in Miami

March marks fun traditions...from going to the fair to celebrating Don's birthday. This month there was also reason to celebrate as Mimi was honored by the Red Cross. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the month. 
D helps Tio Chris celebrate 1 year in his home.

Mimi's big day with the Red Cross

C joined forces with her JLM friend and fellow SMU alumnus Andrea to start the Miami Alumni Chapter ...again

Good times at the Miami Science Museum gala with friends

At the MSM gala

Mr. MSM himself Tony!

Birthday dinner for D

Happy 37!

D's birthday party

C feeding the animals at the Fair

School egg hunt

Red Cross Ball with our friend Elena

Sunday fun day with the primas

R&R with Tio Chris

Egg hunt with our friend D

Easter Sunday = Egg hunting after mass

Our annual family picture

C goes on the rides at the Fair

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner
 C is growing so fast! Completely bi-lingual and active with her friends. She's a fun kid!