Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

November in Miami, C turns 2

Church lady the morning after her birthday party

Late night at the park with friends

Making new friends with mommy's old friends

Life long friends get together

hanging with Coco

The Slesnick core

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 3 Cecilia's on Thanksgiving...which also was on St. Cecilia Day this year.

Dinner at Grandmother's

Some go to stores on "Black Friday" we went to the park

Intrigued by baby G

Friends at the park

Dress up!

Church girls

This might just be our Christmas card!

Tia Kiki and las primas
Singing new songs, going fully bi-lingual (i.e. I only speak English to Dad and Spanish to Mom), knee deep in princesses saying things like "I'm OK", voluntarily going to bed and the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving ...just a few of the great things that we saw unfold this month. Here are a few of our favorite pictures. These were our moments of thankfulness!

Hope your month was full of thankful moments! 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

A baby no more, according to some she's not even a toddler, she's a pre-schooler now. To me, she will always be my baby girl. It is amazing how much she's grown, how much she's learned, and how much joy she brings to our lives. The days leading up to her birthday she sang "Appy Birfday to yoooooou, appy birfday Cecilia.." and she enjoyed every minute of the celebration, from her birthday blessing on Sunday at church, cupcakes with friends on Monday, voting, going to the zoo and dinner with family on her actual big day on the 6th to the finale on Saturday with her Paul Frank party at Tia Kiki's house with her friends and family. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Birthday blessing girl

Cupcakes at school with her classmates
Showing off her "I Voted" sticker after a 2 hour process (6:50-9:00am)

"GO GATORS" at the zoo

Feeding the giraffes with Oli

Birthday girl dinner

Cake time

Birthday Party

Tio Chris

Mimi and Coco

Happy Birthday Mini! May this next year be full of many more adventures together! We adore you!

Monday, November 5, 2012

October in Miami: C is 23 months old

It is amazing that this is the last month I will be reporting C as being "X months old"...wee one is about to turn TWO! This is insanity! My sweet baby girl is an adventurous, funny, lovable, smart toddler who loves her cousins with all her heart, who loves going to school, who looks forward to time with her Coco and Sunday dinner with the Tios. She loves to cuddle, she loves to eat dinner with the family, and is literally moved by music. She talks up the wazoo, likes picking out her shoes in the morning and is definitely bi-lingual now. Thank you all for being a part of her life,for making  her smile and for reading our stories for the past 2+ years.
After school snacks with Juju
Haunted Harrell Manor

Fun times at the Miami Children's Museum with Coco


Casino night gala for the Coral Gables Community Foundation

Family Fun Day at HistoryMiami

Mami, for your 6th wedding anniversary I give you the gift of my first ear infection, make that a double!

Las primas at CG City Hall for Babo's official Mayoral portrait unveiling ceremony.

Mayor Cason and Mayor Slesnick

Belles of the Beaux Arts Ball

Rancho Perez birthday party! Yeehaw!

We match!

We match...again!

"GO GATORS" she says with great enthusiasm!

Hanging out with Dale

Cabaret with Tio Chris

Harvest festivities at school

Minnie Mouse for her cousins party

Halloween at school

"Trick or treat, Happy Halloween" she said all along the route from Tia Kiki's to Mimi and Babo's

Primas trick or treat time!
The other funny and fantastic (in our opinion) thing C does, she identifies Obama/ Biden signs and bumper stickers and says "OBAMA!" and then if you ask her who the President is she says, "OBAMA!" and when you ask her who is going to win the election she says, "OBAMA!" kid. We'll see tomorrow!!

Have a great month!