Sunday, February 17, 2013

January in Miami! (C is 2y2m)

The first month of the year is always such fun. Here are some of my favorite shots from our first month of 2013! In this month we enjoyed time with friends and family from near and far. Chechi's vocabulary in English and Spanish is growing by leaps and bounds. She also started potty training this this month! In addition to that we celebrated Coco's birthday and Big C's!
Hanging out with Tio Derek at Tia Ivon's New Years Day lunch.

Spending the day at Jungle Island with Tania and A

Tio Chris' birthday!

We won't say how old he is...isn't 30 fab on him?

At the zoo

Drinking milk and climbing on big trucks with Miles

The JOBC Queen's Ball

Dancing the night away

Leaving the JOBC Queen's Ball in style!

Beach day on Key Biscayne with Mimi and Babo

The Farmer's Market is back, and so is breakfast with M

Getting so so big!

A little bit of Greek fun at the Beaux Arts Bare Bones Ball with my "OMG sorority sisters"

Coco's birthday dinner

Big C's birthday lunch

Have a wonderful month!