Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SWS 11 & 12!!

And just like that our baby turned ONE! Here is what SWS has been up to...

1. Saying things... "mama"..."Papa".... "ma" (which he says when he wants something)..."Uck" (truck)

2. Walking.  This started precisely on Sunday April 19th in the afternoon. He fell and crawled over to me then stood up and took independent steps to me. It happened quickly and his confidence in this grew to exponential proportions at his birthday play date. One would think he was showing off for his 5 baby friends.

3. Teeth. He has 8 of them now. Food met it's match with this kid. He eats EVERYTHING!

SWS continues to see his sister as the sun, the moon AND the stars. They play together and giggle about most things. She builds him forts and he has accepted his role as Kraken in her life.

As for C... she continues to fill our home with shades of pink and purple. Ballet is a Saturday morning ritual and her friends bring her love and laughter still. She is inquisitive, bilingual and a lover of music and art. Her favorite thing to do during the week is head to Mario the Baker for Monday pizza followed by self serve yogurt. She loves to go to the park and is not looking forward to the school year being over later this month.

There is little to complain about. Our little family makes us smile and though they wear us down everyday, there is nothing we would change about the dynamic personalities of our kids.