Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stand in the Place Where You Live

Remember yesterday when I said this was all happening too fast? Well, guess what... this morning I put her in her crib so that I could get her clothes out for the day. I turn around for all of 30 seconds and when I turn back around to pluck her out...this is what greeted me!
I immediately reached for my phone and prayed she would not fall before I could click...and fortunately she did not. Unfortunately she did fall before D could make it in the nursery. Good thing I had picture evidence!
Anyhow---looks like we are going to have to lower the crib AGAIN!

Here she is all dressed for the day. Doesn't she look proud of herself? Babykins is going to be 28 weeks old tomorrow...amazing! Coco says we have an olympian on our hands...I say she definately did not get this coordination from me, must be from Papa the soccer goalie.

Hope you have a great day--we certainly are!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Ok---this is all happening REALLY fast!

It seems like le bebe likes to do things at "R's" house WAY before she does them at ours. She went 3 hours in between meals at "R's" house for about 1-2 months before she did that with us...she was napping without a struggle at "R's" since the age of 3 months (still has not at our house)... she's been sitting up at "R's" for about 2 weeks...and well, I'll assume you read about what she did there yesterday.

...well yesterday when she got home we started to play on her mat as usual. This time instead of "gorilla sitting" she sat a little girl! It nearly brought tears to my eyes...and totally made up for the "P" word slipping out before the "M" word!

Well, it got even cuter when "Coco" came over---she heard her, put down the green puzzle piece and crawled (like FOR REAL...not army crawl or bear crawl like she has been) right over to Coco. I think we both cried a little with that one.

So there you have 24 hours she crawled properly--sat up... and then the drum roll....

Today at 2:30pm I called "R" to see how things were going... she's trying to pull herself up "R" tells me, which she has been trying to do for a while...BUT she apparently DID let the "M" word slip out..."mama"....

Like D said yesterday...I'll believe it when I hear it.

Here are 2 pictures I took yesterday of Ms. Sitting Pretty hard at play! ...6.5 months old this Friday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Baby Habla Espanol

They tell me it's easier to say than "mama" ...but's what happened a few hours ago...

My phone rang at 1:33pm (I know this because of my phone log)...
it was our "nana" R...conversation went something like this...en espanol naturalmente!

R: C, has the baby said anything?

C: Well, she's babbling a lot...but hasn't said "anything" per say

R: Well, unless my ears are deceiving me, she has said "Papa" 3 times.

C: You're kidding?

R: No...3 times, "Papa"...

C: Well, I guess D wins. I'll have to call him.

...not that it was a contest we had talked about...just one I had built up in my mind. Regardless, as D said, "I'll believe it when I hear it."

Monday, May 16, 2011

If My Life Were a Film...

So I was browsing on my friend's Facebook page the other night and saw she had done this thing where she casted actors as members of her family...if her life were to be a film. Well, I thought...that's witty.
Secondly... the girls (Baby C, Julia and Olivia) are too cute and they would be played by either themselves or unknown child actors...
Penelope Cruz - Cecilia D. S.

Chris O'Dowd - Don S. III

Laura Prepon- Kathleen S. K.

Dean Cain- Lamar K.

Steve Martin- Don S. II

Candice Bergen- Jeannett S.

Audrey Hepburn- Cecilia S. Betty White - Grandmother Anne L.

What do you think? This was a fun exercise! I could have done my 10 fab cousins, 3 uncles and 3 aunts...but I kept it to my immediate family. Don't worry I have thoughts on who would play who in the inner circle extension...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April in Miami

Yes, April was a hard month for us (Babo's election and Maggie's passing)...but we also had some good moments. Here are pictures from our good times and lots of firsts in April (month 5 of yummy babyhood). On a sunny Sunday, C had her first dip in a pool. I took her over to Tia Tex's house and busted out all of the swimming gear...hat (check), bathing suit (check), floaty float with shade (check)...happy baby (check).

Goody goody gum drops--Baby moved onto solids! We started with bananas, then apples, peaches and we're currently on mango. She is loving her oatmeal cereal and fruits. Baby girl is getting so big! She's weighing 16.5 lbs (75%) and is 27 1/4" tall (97%). Unbelievable!

We had our first Easter as a little family! Pink was our color of choice and we looked dashing if I do say so myself. C was so good during service (as usual) and was making smiley goo goo eyes at her boyfriend Dale before she napped. Next Easter will be lots of fun, running around for eggs with her cousins.

More good times were had at our friend/ boyfriend Miles' 1st birthday. It's amazing that a year has already passed since this sweet little one was born. We had lots of fun with all of our little friends. Cousin Olivia (4.5), cousin Julia (1.5), Adria (1.5), Miles (1), C (5.5 mos), Georgia (1.5) and Dale (6 mos).

The biggest milestone is our pseudo crawling abilities that have developed over the past week. She's been doing "push ups" for a while...but they have developed into this yoga pose and she will drag, push up, kick herself from one end of the mat to the other over and over again. This girl is not even 6 months old (will be this Friday) and is basically crawling. She's what some call the "commando crawl" , but it seems like she will be on all fours in no time. We will obviously keep you posted.