Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Ok---this is all happening REALLY fast!

It seems like le bebe likes to do things at "R's" house WAY before she does them at ours. She went 3 hours in between meals at "R's" house for about 1-2 months before she did that with us...she was napping without a struggle at "R's" since the age of 3 months (still has not at our house)... she's been sitting up at "R's" for about 2 weeks...and well, I'll assume you read about what she did there yesterday.

...well yesterday when she got home we started to play on her mat as usual. This time instead of "gorilla sitting" she sat a little girl! It nearly brought tears to my eyes...and totally made up for the "P" word slipping out before the "M" word!

Well, it got even cuter when "Coco" came over---she heard her, put down the green puzzle piece and crawled (like FOR REAL...not army crawl or bear crawl like she has been) right over to Coco. I think we both cried a little with that one.

So there you have 24 hours she crawled properly--sat up... and then the drum roll....

Today at 2:30pm I called "R" to see how things were going... she's trying to pull herself up "R" tells me, which she has been trying to do for a while...BUT she apparently DID let the "M" word slip out..."mama"....

Like D said yesterday...I'll believe it when I hear it.

Here are 2 pictures I took yesterday of Ms. Sitting Pretty hard at play! ...6.5 months old this Friday.


  1. so precious! it goes by so fast Cec - so glad your mom was there with you to experience these wonderful events :)

  2. She's sooooooooooo advanced! My baby, I don't think, is going to crawl properly ever. I think he's going to go straight to walking. Isn't it crazy how quickly they change!!!