Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April in Miami

Yes, April was a hard month for us (Babo's election and Maggie's passing)...but we also had some good moments. Here are pictures from our good times and lots of firsts in April (month 5 of yummy babyhood). On a sunny Sunday, C had her first dip in a pool. I took her over to Tia Tex's house and busted out all of the swimming gear...hat (check), bathing suit (check), floaty float with shade (check)...happy baby (check).

Goody goody gum drops--Baby moved onto solids! We started with bananas, then apples, peaches and we're currently on mango. She is loving her oatmeal cereal and fruits. Baby girl is getting so big! She's weighing 16.5 lbs (75%) and is 27 1/4" tall (97%). Unbelievable!

We had our first Easter as a little family! Pink was our color of choice and we looked dashing if I do say so myself. C was so good during service (as usual) and was making smiley goo goo eyes at her boyfriend Dale before she napped. Next Easter will be lots of fun, running around for eggs with her cousins.

More good times were had at our friend/ boyfriend Miles' 1st birthday. It's amazing that a year has already passed since this sweet little one was born. We had lots of fun with all of our little friends. Cousin Olivia (4.5), cousin Julia (1.5), Adria (1.5), Miles (1), C (5.5 mos), Georgia (1.5) and Dale (6 mos).

The biggest milestone is our pseudo crawling abilities that have developed over the past week. She's been doing "push ups" for a while...but they have developed into this yoga pose and she will drag, push up, kick herself from one end of the mat to the other over and over again. This girl is not even 6 months old (will be this Friday) and is basically crawling. She's what some call the "commando crawl" , but it seems like she will be on all fours in no time. We will obviously keep you posted.


  1. What a fun month of milestones! Such a cute post, Ceci.

  2. She's getting so big and beautiful!!! She's looking like Don in that first picture up there. So precious.