Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby, Make Mommy a Cocktail...

Before I got pregnant I could easily out drink most people...what's my drink of choice? Well, it all depends...on a hot day---a cold beer...over an event with an open bar---white rum with a splash of diet coke and a Texas---a margarita, frozen in some fruity flavor.

After my pregnancy I drink mostly beer, because it helps with milk production. No joke. But every now and then I will indulge in some red vino, or a cocktail...and yes, sometimes my baby is with me.

Last evening I was at the museum for the opening reception of our new lobby exhibit. There was a small food spread consisting mostly of a to die for baked brie and meatballs...and there was a wine, water and soda bar. I had already had one glass when a co-worker (we'll call her Clarice) walked in with her baby (he's 1.5 months younger than C), my work friends and I oooed and awwwed because he is adorable. After about 10 minutes of doting on him one of my friends (we'll call her Max) said "Another vino?" pointing at her sad and lonely empty glass, "Sure" I said without thinking twice...but Clarice said "Ummm, is that appropriate?" and Max said "Sure, we've all had a glass already" and Clarice clarified, "Ummm, no because I have the baby" and I said "Uh, yeah...why not? I drink with my baby all the time" folks...if I could have a picture to share with you of Clarice's face upon hearing this ...priceless....her eyebrows came down over her eyes in confusion and her lips were pursed and then she asked me, "in public?" and I said relaxed without a care in the world, "All the time...sometimes if I am holding her and I've got a beer bottle in my hand she tries to pull it away from me and to her mouth, its funny"...well Clarice did not find this amusing but rather shocking and highly inappropriate. Needless to say Max, her daughter (we'll call her Valerie) and I went out to the bar where the bartender started pouring three glasses of red wine upon setting his sights on us. "To drinking with our daughters" Max toasted...."I'll drink to that" I said. Max then went on to remind me that one day in the distant future C will not only be drinking with me...but there will be 3 C's drinking together...and to that I definitely will raise a glass...

I am of the school of thought that believes in teaching your children to mix you a cocktail when they are able to hold things without spilling them. It can be as simple as handing you an opened beer, pouring you a glass of vino---or the essential task of making mommy a rum and coke (or as my friend A's husband B calls them, Roman Cokes...classic) and making daddy a bourbon and coke.

**note the blue eyed child pictured with beer in hand in this picture is not mine...duh.

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  1. I love this post. Cheers to being inappropriate, and let me know when C learns how to make a cuba libre!