Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Maggie Anne

D always wanted a golden retriever...and in the spring of 2001 he drove to Winter Park, Florida to get his girl. He says that Maggie went right up to him, the cutest puppy in the liter...pick of the liter actually. The breeders didn't want to sell her to him---but eventually after seeing their interaction they did. D drove home with her that day and that same night while socializing at home a beer was spilled...Maggie apparently went right for it and licked it up. "I knew she was my dog right then and there" D says about that night.
That summer I came into their life and the twosome became a family of three.
People always stopped us on the street to tell us how beautiful she was...and she was. People always told us what a sweet dog she was...and she was. And once the terrible twos were out of the way, people always told us what an obedient dog she was...and she was.

When we threw a party, Maggie was always one of the hostesses. When we got married, Maggie was in our engagement picture. When we traveled...Maggie came with us (vicariously through her hair on our clothes).When I was pregnant Maggie never left my side. For the past 5 months she followed the baby and I around all over the house and sit with me during feedings. She was our baby and a central part of our little family.
...and when they found a mass on her spleen this fall...we knew we had to take care of our girl. I have had dogs all my life...but I can honestly say that no dog compares to Maggie Anne.
...yes, a lint brush was a MUST...and vacuuming was a nearly daily chore...but it was worth it. Maggie brought us tremendous joy...and I am pretty sure we made her happy too.

Today, we were faced with the horrible truth...Maggie was very ill. The best thing for our sweet girl was to say good-bye.
So, thank you Maggie. Thank you for teaching us so much, for loving us so much and most of all for being you.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Maggie.

venetian pool swin 2008

new years 2009

hurricane wilma 2005

March 2011

with her baby nov. 2010

Maggie Anne 2000-2011


  1. Oh Cecilia, I'm so sorry - she was such a sweet part of your family and sure she will be missed beyond measure.

  2. Oh Ceci, Maggie was just the best dog. She's so sweet and lovely, and ever the perfect lady. This post is a beautiful tribute to a precious friend. Hugs.

  3. I followed the links through your different blogs and found this touching story. I'm sorry you had to put down your beautiful dog but by the photos and stories it seems she lived the best life any pup could.
    <3 postscriptme (tumblr :) )

  4. Via Amber Pool: How do you show up to a wedding an hour and a half after you left it with a torn dress and crying? Well, you tell the bride you will house sit the dog on her wedding night and end up getting locked out with said dog with your dress trapped in the closed door. After the horrible realization that I was in a foreign city with no phone, no purse, no money, and a dog with no leash I began to panic. Hysterical would describe it. But Maggie and I made it to the country club, broke in together and spoke to the nicest man who didn't speak back because he did not speak English. In the end I got a lift back to wedding but was told there was no room for Maggie in the car. I was like "no, the dog is the only person who can witness who I am leaving with and that I am alive." But, I had to leave her with the security officer at the country club while I went to get a spare key. When Maggie and I were back at home an hour later, we had bonded. We laughed, we cried, we slept in.