Saturday, December 8, 2012

November in Miami, C turns 2

Church lady the morning after her birthday party

Late night at the park with friends

Making new friends with mommy's old friends

Life long friends get together

hanging with Coco

The Slesnick core

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 3 Cecilia's on Thanksgiving...which also was on St. Cecilia Day this year.

Dinner at Grandmother's

Some go to stores on "Black Friday" we went to the park

Intrigued by baby G

Friends at the park

Dress up!

Church girls

This might just be our Christmas card!

Tia Kiki and las primas
Singing new songs, going fully bi-lingual (i.e. I only speak English to Dad and Spanish to Mom), knee deep in princesses saying things like "I'm OK", voluntarily going to bed and the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving ...just a few of the great things that we saw unfold this month. Here are a few of our favorite pictures. These were our moments of thankfulness!

Hope your month was full of thankful moments! 



  1. LOVE. She's adorable. I can't believe she is ONLY 2 and that she is ALREADY 2. How does that happen??