Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Ceci Anne

Once Upon a Time... at 11:57am November 6, sweet baby girl was born at South Miami Hospital. After just over 8 hours, things ended in the OR rather than delivery room...but it was worth it. Ceci was greeted by her Dad and shortly there after, her Coco (abuela) and Tia Kiki (who is also her Godmother).

I thought I would share the final sighting of me pregnant on Friday November 5. In the coming weeks as we adjust to life together more pictures will come...for now...just know we are all well. As well as new parents to a nearly 1 week old can be...we're learning and sleeping as much as we can...being patient and loving our girl so so so much.


  1. Ceci! She is GORGEOUS! And I feel like she and I are meant to be the best of friends. We were almost the exact same size at birth and were born at almost the same time of day (I was ten minutes earlier, well, and 30 years and a few months...) and I just love her already! Coming to Miami in January and really really hoping to see you both. Congrats on the new addition and prayers for rest and recovery to you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A Wonderful Blessing and she is Gorgeous!

    Enjoy this time and prayers for an easy recovery!



  3. Congratulations--wonderful pictures and thank you for sharing them. Please take this time to rest and recover and just go at your own pace--enjoy your new blessing. She is adorable. But I knew she would be!
    Love, Maureen

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    Elizabeth you should let me know..I'll still be on maternity leave.

  5. Congratulations again! Little Ceci is just adorable!