Thursday, November 4, 2010

39 and Feeling Fine

Talk about home stretch! I'm officially 39 weeks pregnant! Only 6 DAYS until my due I have a gut feeling. This child is going to come right around her due date...I feel like somewhere in the Tuesday 9 - Thursday 11 range she will make her appearance in the world...we'll see. I will say, I will miss this. I have really enjoyed my pregnancy. She's been a great little resident and I know she will be just as lovely as an external resident.

For the time being she is letting people know she is tucked away inside by making alien-like movements which people see and marvel at. Some tell me I will soon forget what this feels like...but how can you? It feels like an alien inside you moving around, makiong themselves at home.

If we make it to next Wednesday...well you'll see another picture like this...if we don't...then you'll see one of me with the baby.

Time has flown...

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