Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Nursery and Week 38

Here we are...Halloween is a few

days away...and I'm 38 weeks... 12 days away from my due date. I'm huge...but how could I not be when by doctor's calculations she should be about 8lbs tomorrow!
I'm also apparently 1cm dilated too, and things are "progressing well" ...which means that this child is so far mine in her keeping to tasks in a timely manner...she's doing her homework and will make her grand appearance when she is done.
I also wanted to show pictures of the nursery...FINALLY! It's a lot different from what I had originally planned...but I love it. I think it's a chic and sweet room for a chic and sweet baby. The majority of the artwork is mine---not my initial intent, but my mom and D out voted me on this one. There are still a few small touches, but it's basically done... and with the car seat installed...all I have to do is pack my hospital bag. I will say that although today at the Dr's visit she uttered the words, "Any day now" ...I'm hoping she means "Any time after next Wednesday" ...because I have a few more things to finish up at work and it would be very choice would be Nov. 10 (her due date)... but who knows. It's NOT up to me. This is an appointment I can't even pencil into my infamous planner.


  1. I love it. It is really pretty. I know you are getting excited just imagining the little girl lying there on her pretty little changing table... I think your artwork goes great in there!

  2. Que belleza el cuarto del baby..y la decoracion de la casa divina..y tu barriga esta ultima semana es IMPRESIONANTE..hoy hable con tu mami..y esta como loca de felicidad..desde ya...te ira divinamente todo,te estoy pensando muchisimo..y animo que ya solo te falta muy poquito... la baby sera una bailarina..ya que no para...
    Tu estas con una cara de felicidad,que lindo besitos,

  3. I LOVE the yellow dog on the blue background. I think it might be my new fav painting of yours!!

  4. I love her monogram! What a sweet room!