Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 37 Picture

I was going to be Trudy Campbell from Mad Men...who spent the majority of this season pregnant...

BUT...this was a Historical Costume Party...and how can you take advantage of the belly?
It came to me on Friday afternoon while at the museum...the globe! Better yet...put the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria on the globe! I had a few ideas...
1. Paint the scene on my belly but use 3-D toy caravelas to be attached with double stick tape.
2. Paint the entire scene.
3. Get a white t-shirt and paint the entire scene on the shirt and not expose the belly.
4. Dress all in blue and put 3 caravelas on a headband
...after not finding caravelas (that were part of a set of pirate toys) ...I went with the full paint option.
This weekend we also nearly finished the nursery. THe rug is at the drycleaners...once that is ready next week we'll be DONE! We also hung the rest of our just the office and touches in the master bedroom are left...with small small touches to the dinning room. I'm not even counting the exterior back yet...


  1. Ha that is fantastic! Way to make the most of the belly! And completely unique ;)

    xx Cristina

  2. Creative as always -- who painted that? Did you paint yourself?

  3. I painted it all by myself...handy mirror of course!