Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 35

Hard to believe its near the end of my 35th week of pregnancy! It's been a busy week...
- Crib... will be ready for pick up Saturday.
- Bookshelf... check, just needs assembly (daddy)
- Glider...being delivered on Wednesday the nursery is inches away from being done.
On the home front things are progressing nicely as well. After an Ikea adventure we are almost done!
Newly upholstered pieces being delivered Wednesday...curtains almost all coming together...garage sale being planned... we're rolling along...maybe that's just me because I'm so round.
Other than the house and baby...D and I had a nice weekend, started off with our friend Deblois' concert at the Barnacle Historic House in Coconut Grove, then lots of things around the house with some social gatherings sprinkled in between like our friends Ana & Katie's birthday party and the opening of the Coral Gables Museum on 10.10.10 (pretty cool).
Anyhow--here's the picture. Some have said I'm starting to "drop"...we'll see. I go to the doctor tomorrow and Birthing Class P.I thing I will say, I'm starting to get a little irked with the following statement, "You're not going to make it, you'll have this baby this month"... ugh. Just because I'm big doesn't mean she's ready to make her debut. Again, we'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.
I hope you had a great week---and I hope this is another good one for you too!

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