Monday, January 31, 2011

Bumbo Time!

This morning we were having come tummy and back time on our mat...when I thought to myself, "Self...I wonder how she would do in the bumbo seat? Is she old enough?" So I read the box, which says it can be used if child can hold their head up... which she totally can... so in we went.

Here she is...initially she didn't like it and cried...but she only cried for a few seconds...then let me have a foto shoot which lead to this beautiful picture.

Today also marks the beginging of my final week of maternity week. It's SO sad!! Unless I win the lottery I will never spend this much free time with my baby girl...until I have another baby. It's so sad that the United States does not follow in the lead of other industrialized countries and support parents with maternity and paternity leave. Wish I lived in Canada where my job would be safe and I could be on leave for a whole year with my sweet girl. Is there nothing we can do about this?


  1. What a happy and a sad post. I'm so proud of her and so sad for you at the same time. I hope that your transition back to work is easy on the both of you :) She is so beautiful Ceci! Love the earings and the outfit - like mother like daughter :)

  2. Ceci,

    What an adorable picture. Yes, maternity leave is so short in this country. Hope perhaps you can arrange a work week where you can leave a bit earlier each day, than you usual schedule prior to your pregnancy.

    Cheers, Elvira.

  3. G loved being in the bumbo (when B was out f town) on the counter while I got dressed. He liked checking himself out in the mirror. He clearly thinks he's QUITE handsome.

    Going back is both good and bad. I promise it will be way better than you can imagine! That little one of yours is so so so cute!