Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays with the Family

It was Chechi's first Christmas...this means that we will remember it and she won't...which is GREAT, because it was pathetic! D was sick from the 22-29th...and she and I actually moved out to my mom's for the week. He had the flu with fevers off and on for days, and it was not smart for us to be home. So...sadly D spent Christmas alone, while we spent time with both halves of the family. Here are some pictures from the 25-26th... no pictures from the 24th because that was a nice dinner in pj's with midnight mass or extended family on that night---just the 3 Cecilia's, pj's and White Christmas on AMC.

Tia Marta with the girls opening gifts from Tia Cecilia.

Juju and Oli in matching Paul Frank PJ's...I can't wait for Chechi to be a part of this tradition! Yay for Christmas 2011!!

Coco with her baby on the 26th at my in-laws for dinner. It was cold on this day and really made the holiday feel like the holidays!

Here I am with my little girl on Christmas day.
Tio Renato & Tia Gloria came to visit with Mateo and Adriano while we were in exile--it was really nice to see them and have the primos meet.

For New Year's we were back home---and she decided to eat nearly every hour on the hour from there wasn't much "excitement" ...but it was nice.

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  1. was she 3 weeks then? Omg... G had a serious "growth spurt" at 3 weeks and ate ALL. The. time.