Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Over and Out

There are some things that C does that are very ME...and other things that are very D. For example, she loves her some shoes....i.e. very ME, she doesn't care for naps, ME...staying up late, VERY D! Last night I tried putting her to bed at 9:00 (which I know is late, but it's early for this child). She did not want to go to bed...she staged WWIII, and would not go to bed. Finally at around 9:30 we heard her door knob twisting, and out into the living room she came.

Me:  C, did you climb out of your crib?
C: Si
D: How? 
C: No se
Me: C, come show Mami...

[we walk to her room] 

C: There, I left (she points at the crib). 

New challenge, unfortunately accepted. Wish us luck!

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