Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Yesterday started off like any day at Casa S. I woke up before anyone, got ready, packed lunches, and before I could even think about eating breakfast at home the sweet serenade of "Mama...Mama....Ummmmm Mama" started to fill the hall. "She's up" is the first thing I think "Milk" is the next...
So I went in and as usual there she was standing, holding onto the rail of her crib and bouncing "Mmmmaaamaaammmmaaaa" being repeated over and over again as I say "Buenos dias amor, como dormistes" turn off the bird nightlight, put down the bottle of milk, open the curtains and finally sweeo her into my warms where we hug until she points to the bottle and says "eche...eche" meaning "leche" (milk).
So she has her "eche" we get dressed and then I see one of her red glittery flats..."Nos ponemos papos?" (Should we put our shoes on?) I ask her as I slip it on and realize...I don't know where the other one is. OK...easy, we'll just change shoes. So I go into her closet and get her cute silver Tom's. As I take off the red glittery flat she looks at me confused and says "No...no...papapo" I put on the Toms's and set her down and before I know it she has walked over to the red glittery shoe picks it up and says "Papapo! Papapo!" So I ask her "Te queres poner ESTOS zapatos?" (You want to wear THESE shoes?) and she continues to bounce and faux cry with red shoe in hand "papapo" (I will say she normally says papo...so the fact she is saying papapo is one step closer to the actual word...zapato). I quickly remember where the other red glittery shoe is and go get it...ask her to sit down and swap shoes.
Papapo in question
This makes C very happy...she smiles at me points at the shoes and says "papapo!" ...and that's when I realize it. My mini-me has just made her first fashionable decision. 15 months in less than 2 weeks going on 15 years!