Monday, September 10, 2012

August in Miami: Ceci is 21 months!

It was another fun month full of firsts and discoveries! C got her VERY first haircut (and ended up with some unplanned bangs). She discovered all sorts of new food at school, met new friends at school and started saying things in English like "mine"...again, thanks to school! Meanwhile on the adult front, I went to Seattle for work and fell in love with the city. Here are a few of our favorite shots from this past month. Enjoy and stay on the look out for funny interim posts as our budding artist continues to provide endless hours of giggles.

C getting her first haircut at Coco's house. Bye curls...hello bangs (BOO)
Celebrating our friend Adi's 3rd birthday by jumping on a trampoline with las primas!

Snack time with the boys after a splashin' time at Pinecrest Gardens.

A little poker action with Papi and ZEE!

Junior League of Miami presidents of past and present with C, this year's VP of Community.

A little cocktail time with Tia Kiki

They have matching haircuts now!

C's 2nd day and Julia's first day in PreK-3 at the Biltmore School (emotional breakdown for C in 3...2...1... after this picture was taken).


Thuvia and C met Elvis in Seattle at a fun Elvis art exhibition at Bumbershoot.

Reuniting with old friends! BYN and Ceci!

One of my favorite shots from seattle!
Have an amazing month! 



  1. Fun! Looks like you really lucked out with the weather in Seattle!

  2. I Love that last Seattle shot! And I'm loving that green and navy striped top you have on under a sweater!