Friday, October 19, 2012

Talk Talk

Everyday it's something new. Here are some of the things that C is saying these days... some in Spanish some in English.

"etantes" = elefante (elephant)

"ipipamo"= hipopotamo (hippopotamus)

"punkin"= pumpkin

"Go Gators"

Then there are the funny ones... she calls our "Obama/ Biden" lawn sign, "Obama" ... (yes Republicans in our lives, we have an Obama sign in our front lawn. We are 1 of 7 on our street...3 Romneys)

She also acknowledges when she has two of something... "Dos kitties!" ..."Dos etantes"... "Dos agua"

Tonight was another surprise. C has been running a fever of 101-103 for 24+ hours (we're off to see Dr. Ernie tomorrow at 8:30am), so Papi went to pick up dinner. While he was gone she was walking around the house with her Rapunzel doll and Scooby Doo bucket saying "Papi, where are you?" clear as day!

She's also started singing the "Guess How Much I Love You" theme song.

I can't believe in 18 days our sweet girl is going to be 2!

C 23 months at Teen Miami exhibition on Family Fun Day at HistoryMiami

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  1. Poor little thing! I hope she feels better soon. Happy almost 2!