Thursday, April 3, 2014

34 Weeks (5 Weeks to GO!)

Today I am officially 35 weeks (4 weeks to go) but this is what I looked like last week at 34. SWS has officially pushed me over into the "walk as little as possible" and "stairs? what stairs?" phase of my pregnancy. I don't remember feeling that with C...but I am with sweet land whale of a boy. C continues to be excited for his arrival, telling us a lot about how she's going to be a great big sister and help dress him and feed him. She hasn't shown any signs of jealously (yet) and even is happy to just watch gifts get opened when they arrive from friends and family around the country (I do ask her for help opening them now and then). It's hard to believe that one month from today we'll already have spend 24 hours with SWS at the's been such a fast pregnancy.
Here is C at 3.4 helping open a gift from our friends the Kerrs. 


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