Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two Months with SWS

Today S is 2 months old! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks. In this month S has gotten bigger and stronger. He's cooing, smiling and showing off those dimples. C is also getting bigger...she's enjoying camp and playdates with her friends. She's also been having fun cooking dinner with D a few nights a week. She's a great little helper! 
C and S in their new double stroller

Coco and her S at her house 

Enjoying a ball pit at a friend's 3rd birthday 

The Slessie kids 

His crew of friends...S is 4 months, A is 1 week older and our S... missing is his friend W who is 2 weeks younger. 

His first visit to the museum. 

Long hair one minute...

Short the next. 

Happy Father's Day with twice the love to give! 

Enjoying a visit to Museum Park with Daddy 

A snuggle with Babo 

Father's Day with the men in his life

His first visit to the Biltmore 

Rainy day projects at home! They built and painted the birdhouse together. 

World Cupping! 


His first visit to PAMM with Titi and Coco

Handsome boy 

Two Months
We hope you had a great month! We look forward to another month of growth, snuggles and discoveries for our little ones. 


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