Monday, September 1, 2014

August in Miami- SWS 4 months C 3.9

Another fun month exploring with the kids. SWS is now rolling, doing raspberries, wanting to crawl so badly...he can scoot himself around on his mat. He also graduated to the mat from his swing. Grabbing for things and enjoying playtime with his sister. C started PreK-3 and ballet this month. She still enjoys to paint, visit museums, play with her friends, music and her dolls. As for the grown ups...Don continues to run and his "after school activities" have started up again...and I am busy at the museum as we opened a new exhibit from the Smithsonian. We're also ALL excited that college football is back! GO GATORS! GO PONIES! There's a picture of me at the opening with Latin rock legend, Alex Gonzalez from Mana. Here are some of our favorite pictures from August.


  1. oh the ballet picture - be still my heart :) also, sws has your face totally and is adorable. love the madras on him. everyone looks fantastic!!! xo

    1. Thanks Meglett! Love having you stop by to say hi! :)