Wednesday, October 12, 2011

September in Miami (and California)

First steps were taken in August and come September we were walking around the house. Laps! Walking up and down the front walk to and from the house. At first she looked like a know...slow and with arms extended in front of her...but by the end of the month there was more stability in the walking.
Here she is at her "Titi Ivon's" baby shower, playing with John who is 3 months her junior. They had a great time together. Now that she's walking play dates have been coming more frequently.
The start of NCAA football season and the SMU and UF shirts have started coming out. Here she is at Publix riding the grocery cart for the first time. She had a super fun time!
Here we are after church (Don't get jelly over my Missoni for Target).
Another major milestone in September was that we went out of town...WITHOUT her! C stayed home with Coco while D & I went to San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma for one of my BFF's weddings. There are over 300 pictures, so it was hard to pick just a few...for a fuller post on our trip please visit CSD Art& Illustration where I wrote about the trip and shared more pictures.
Here I am with the beautiful bride and the rest of the SMU Gamma Phi gang! The wedding was at the most spectacular farm. Here we are with the Californian side of the Slesnick clan!
Here we are in Sonoma at a fly fishing ranch for the rehearsal dinner.

Back home in the Gables, D and C had good times around the playpen...
...and we went to a few birthday parties. Here we are with our friends Melissa and Miles at Addie's 2nd birthday party.
Most special this month was Grandmother's 89th birthday! Here are Kathleen and Don with the birthday girl at her cocktail party.
...same night---Mimi with her 3 girls.

...and that's all folks! We had another memorable month in Miami and are inching closer and closer to C's 1st birthday! Amazing how quickly the first year went...yet it does seem like forever ago all at the same time.

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