Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October in Miami (Our First Halloween!!)

October came and went so quickly---and now we are DAYS away from C's FIRST birthday! This is amazing, and I am so glad that we created this blog to document our journey, and our family. Here are some of the highlights...including our first HALLOWEEN! EEEK! BOO!

C is not the only one turning 1 this year. Her friend Dale turned 1 a few weeks ago. Here we are at his birthday party. This year the Coral Gables Community Foundation was honoring Don II (Babo) at their annual Gala. The theme was Homecoming/ Prom... so D III went in his Gables High Band jacket...the drum line was very impressed, as were most gala guests (because DIII still fits in it!).
Here is Babo surrounded by "Tia Kiki" and my friends from the Junior League. He definitely enjoyed being with us.
One Saturday morning we hopped in the car, and onto the turnpike and headed WAY south to Goulds to the infamous "Little Farm". Our friends Melissa, Pete, Katie and Brette came with their wee ones. We had a really fun time...and C and her BF Miles shared lots of giggles in the pumpkin patch. They la-la-love each other. It's super cute!
Here are the 3 kiddos in the pumpkin patch. Ads, C and Milo...a very focused group as you can see. I will also add it was like 68 degrees, sunny and beautiful on this morning.
Here's C with DII in the patch... and below you'll see her with me. I loved this picture of us so much, it's currently my Facebook profile picture. Honestly...how did we make such a cute kid?!

With Tia Kiki and C's birthday coming up... Uncle Bill and Chippy came down from Ft.L to pre-birthday celebrate. Uncle Bill's birthday is the day after C's birthday (which is also Babo's birthday). Here we are the navy bunch all matchy matchy.
Here's one of the cutest going to church outfits of the month. I will say I love Sundays at St. Philip's...she puts on her pretty pretty dresses, we see the family and it's just a lovely way to end the week.
Another great highlight was having Victor "Toto" over for dinner. These two were instant friends and it was a lot of fun catching up with Victor.
There was a fun Lechon Asado sinner at St. Philip's this month. Here is C having a blast with her Tia Kiki.
...and finally, Halloween. Baby costumes are tough...so we opted for something easy to pull on and off...AND was cool for Miami (temperature cool). So, as you can see C was a fairy ballerina. It was fun and cute and she was so enthralled with the other kids. Above is a picture of us at the St. Philip's Halloween Block Party, and below is a picture of her on Halloween at Mimi and Babo's.
We hope you had a great month with you family in your corner of the world. C will be 1 on Sunday, her birthday fete is going to be on Saturday and will be documented and shared here soon. Until then, be good and safe!


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