Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the Past Week...

In the past week C's become so much more like...dare I say...a toddler! This post was going to be about how she prefers being an independent walker to being carried in our arms (most of the time), how she loves feeding herself--even trying out the spoon on her own and successfully. It was going to be about the 3 pesky upper middle teeth that are coming in and putting her in cranky moods with fevers off and on...(which now means she asks for her advil!). This post was going to be about how she is saying more now, like "gracias", "alo" in addition to the standard, "pato", "papo" (shoe), "papa" and "mama". Tonight, Tia Kiki walked into the room at a JOBC social and she cheerfully said "Kiki!" while extending her arms out to her. It was so sweet.
But this post is not going to be about that...it going to be about the unforgettable thing that happened tonight...and I wanted to write it down before I forgot. After the JOBC social, C and I dropped Papa off at St.P for his second to last vestry meeting as Junior Warden. When we got home she ate a yummy dinner, and then we hopped in the tub. Tonight was probably one of the last times she bathes in her duck...especially after what happened. There she was in the duck tub enjoying herself when she made a face...you know...a reddish face...next thing I know she's not alone in the tub with her rubber ducky... "C! OMG! OH NO! OH NO!" and since D was not home, I had to figure this one out all by myself...and QUICKLY!...so I pull her out (naturally she quickly slips and falls...and cries) while I try to life the mega heavy duck tub out of the tub to pour all the" contents" into the toilet. ...But that thing was HEAVY! so I pour a little of the "water" out and then scrub the skid pad down with soap rinse that and set her back in the big and run a mini bath while I pour the "contents" of the duck tub out...and naturally spill some on the floor...EWWWW!!... So I bathe her as fast as fast can be, put her to bed and then head to the kitchen to gather supplies to clean. Pinesol (check), rags (check)...mommy in work clothes (check). Clean floor...done. Sleeping baby...yep. Dirty mommy...naturally.
Oh the joys of motherhood!


  1. ...and the moral of the story is:
    "Don't ever sit a baby in a warm tub of water a few minutes after dinner, as the warm watter relaxes their stomach muscles and makes them go immediately!"
    Been there... learned my lesson with Evan while staying in Naples... went outside to hang the pool towels in the balcony and as soon as I came back in I smelled it... tons of brown floaties all over the tub! LOL

  2. Yep. Bleach...load up on it. Just wait until potty training :)

  3. C is so precious! She does look like a toddler!

    P.S. Thanks for the Tumblr follow! Hope you're having a wonderful day!