Sunday, November 6, 2011

Party People Make Some Noise!

Happy Birthday Babykins! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend long celebration.

I hung pictures up of her first year and invited people to take the ones they liked most home.

With her Tia Tania and Alessandra
Smiling with Tia Tex
Cozy with Tia Ana
Grandmother and D with the birthday girl
Tia Antonella
Cake time!
She knew exactly what to do...and she didn't get any on HER clothes...just mine.
The girls...
Some of our favorite play date buds
Pooped from the party

Birthday morning, enjoying her favorite gift bag...pretty color eh?!

All tuckered out from a morning of "falling back" and church
Pressies at Coco's with Toto
The last of our month labels from Texas Aunt Amanda...they were such a great gift and we used them all year long!
Our last cupcake of the weekend! (We shortly thereafter discovered she's got a NEW tooth!)
Our 1 year anniversary of being a family.

Thanks to everyone for following along from pregnancy through year 1...stay tuned for our adventures as we approach year 2!



  1. I love it. All of it! Babykins is such a cutie. I'm going to have you plan all of our parties from now on. You look FABULOUS. It's good to be a mama. Such a sweet sweet girl!

  2. How precious! Happy 1st birthday to your adorable little girl!