Thursday, March 1, 2012


February was a fun month full of firsts. Los Slesnick went to Nicaragua for Ceci's cousin Lucia's wedding. This meant it was C's first flight...and well as you can imagine (and some of you know) traveling with an active 15.5 month old can be a challenge. Fortunately the flight attendant was very nice and C did really well. As for the trip--we had a lovely time staying at Tia Manena's house both in Managua and on the Mombacho Volcano...and C did beautifully walking down the isle. We had a great time!
Hanging out on the swinging beds at Tia Manena's in Managua
Enjoying the Mombacho house.

Hiking Mombacho with Antonella and Haley

Bibi's orchids at Mombacho
The rehearsal dinner party. It was a very fun "White Party" at the Country Club. Here are Ceci, Lucia the bride and Antonella
Sacasa siblings

Enjoying the practicing band at Tio Octavio's house

Ready to walk down the aisle

Los Slesnick after our sweet girl walked down the aisle all by herself.

Cousins, Marta and Antonella with Ceci at the post dinner reception at Tio Octavio's house.

Ceci with the newlyweds Lucia and Daniel

She wasn't hurting as much as mommy and daddy we got in at 4:00am from the wedding next door...

C loved the "wau wau's" at Tia Manena's as well as the pajaros, pollitos and peces.


  1. Love it! She's beautiful. So much fun and what great memories! NOT jealous of the 4 AM-er.

  2. How much fun! So glad to hear she did well on the flight! Most kiddies do - it's us that freak out and worry :)

    1. yeah she did well, as we were taking off she even said "weeeeee!" ;)

  3. How much fun! Your dress is a beautiful color!