Friday, April 6, 2012

March in Miami

Helping Tio Chris open a bottle of champagne at his new house. This was the last cold night of the season. Don't you love the rockin' pink peacoat?

Hanging out with Olivia at Daddy's 36th birthday dinner.

Julia enjoying cake at Uncle Don's birthday dinner at Mimi and Babo's.

St. Patrick's Day at the Coral Gables Farmer's Market

Enjoying Fairchild Botanic Gardens with Miles.

Taking in the Fair!

Goats at the Fair!

March 2012, 16 months old. She has molars coming in so sleeping all night is far and in between...she loves strawberries and water. The straw challenge was met and she passed with flying colors.  She can name multiple body parts...ojo, oca, nais, eedo, mano. The only way to see what teeth are really coming in are by ticking her...which is great because you get to hear the sweetest sound in the world, her giggle. 16 months!

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