Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April for Los S ...C is 17 months old

Hooray for April! C turned 17 months old, and she started saying so much more and putting things together in short sentences like, "Mama noches" (code for Buenas Noches Mama) and "Hola Coco" or "Abri Wee" (code for please open the backdoor I'd like to go down the slide). She mastered climbing up into chairs on her own, she got excited about skyping with out of town friends (like Tia Ana who was traveling a lot)...and she was pushing bedtime..night owl like Daddy. Nearly all her initial molars are in (1 more to go), and she loves bananas. This month she also got a little car that she LOVES and we walk all the way to Mimi and Babo's in it. Sometimes we walked all the way to the Liberty Cafe where we will share a gelato cone together. We are  loving our mini and although she is in tanttrum mode and has gotten into the bad habit of pinching...she is sweet as honey most of the time.  All in all April was fun! Mama C went to Portland for work and upon returning home C& D had a lovely getaway weekend at the Biltmore Hotel. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the month of April.
Friday playtime with las primas

Friday night dinner with las primas..."Uncle Don's Mac and Cheese is better than mommy's" Olivia proclaimed at the table over and over again!
If you come to play and stay to eat...a bath will follow! C 17 mos, J 2.5 yrs, O 5.5 yrs

Bath followed by PJs and Uncle D and Tia C's bed with Beauty and The Beast!

I went to Portland for a workshop for the museum. It was rainy and cloudy all weekend and I barely saw Mt. Hood---this picture was proof of it being visible from Portland.

C in the ball pit at Cool de Sac with Miles

Lunch at Cool de Sac with is good and happy!

Fun with straws! Look at the water pouring out of the bottom.

In mommy and daddy's big bed at the Biltmore on their "get away" weekend.

Looking down at the pool from the balcony.

Pool time with Mama


Enjoying the pool with Katie, Melissa and the kids

Pool baby!

Movie star!

Don hitting balls at the driving range after our day at the pool
First time with a club since C was was not pretty...but it could have been uglier...

C at the Junior League Luncheon with some of her besties, the "lunch ladies".

Discovering puddles after a rainy weekend!

She put this on herself...I cannot make this up! 

Hope April was as memorable for you as it was for us with our whirling dervish of a child!


  1. Love it. Love her. Love you and your adorable outfits. LOVE the pictures on the big white bed. Beautiful.

    She looks to be "stiller" than G. They need to connect before 2019.

    1. Let's get these two skying! :) Love you.

  2. Oh my goodness, I know I say this every time I see a picture of her, but little C is too cute! I love the picture of her in her movie star glasses! It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you thank you! It was a great month!! :) xoxo