Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May in Miami...C 18 months

We did it! We hit 1.5 years and in May a few milestones were hit... C discovered a love for Mickey Mouse and his gang at the "Clubhouse", she also discovered blueberries, cheese sticks and gelato. Her affair with shoes continues. In English she now has added the word "shoes" and "please" while in Spanish she pretty much repeats anything you say. All in all May was full of fun memories with our family and friends. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our adventures.
Being weighed in like a big girl at our 18 month appointment with Tio Dr. Ernie

Deblois' concert at the Barnacle

Giants v Marlins date night at the new ballpark

Don's first JOBC event as President

Kentucky Derby Party---we picked the winning horse AGAIN!

Sharing gelato with mami

Don's famous hot dogs at church

Piano time with Tio Chris


Olivia 2.5,Adria 2.5, Miles 2, C 1.5, Georgia 2.5, Olivia 5.75, Bailey 6.5

Pool Baby!

Lots of love here

bath time!

Bed time

Mother's Day

At the Perez twins baptism

Giggly girl


  1. I'm in LOVE with her bilingual self. She is hot to trot. And adorable. And smart. And loves a good pair of shoes!

  2. How cute! I can't believe how big she's getting!

    1. She's getting out of control!!