Monday, August 6, 2012

July in Miami: C at 20 months

July was an incredibly fun and jam packed month for us! Sure it was hot, but we found lots of ways to beat the heat and humidity of Miami. IN her 20th month, C continues to show us she can pretend play and spend lots of time feeding her babies, she also is thrilled to have her "primas" just 5 short blocks away. July also marked her last full month with "Tia Raquel" as in August she will begin Nido 1! She sings, she dances, she likes lemonade, broccoli, yogurt and still favors daddy's eggs on weekend mornings and his mac n' cheese is the best thing in the world. She also remembers so much...we'll drive or walk by something and she will point out either who lives there or what she does there. She also went up a foot size and is comfortably wearing 2T...our baby girl is just 4 months away from her 2nd birthday! 
Enjoying potato sticks at St. P

Don making his famous hot dogs for coffee hour after church on July 4th weekend

coordinating outfits at our friends the Knights 4th of July BBQ

Dressed up for Olivia's 6th birthday sock hop!

Sock Hop ready!

Hard to believe Oli is 6!

Los Slesnick

Enjoying a pony ride at her friend Alessandra's 1st birthday party!

Bastille Day dinner with family and friends! An annual tradition! every July 14th.

"Merisa y Miles"

Our first time at the beach beach with our primos Palazio

toes in the Key Biscayne sand

A hug for her primo Mateo (6 months her senior)

C feet

Play time with our friend Dan-o-mite!

Splish splash fun with our friend Peyton

Dinner, bath and a movie with prima Julia

playing a duet after church with Dale (3 weeks her senior)

cooling off in her new splashy pool

Getting in the Olympic spirit for opening ceremonies and running with our torch .

London Olympics opening ceremonies watching party

We hope you had a great month, we hope your summer is memorable so far and most of all we hope the month of August is fantastic!



  1. She is so cute! I love all of the pictures of her at the beach--too precious!