Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Month

Yesterday we went for SWS first month check-up.

11 lbs 2 oz  80% weight
23" 96% height

In our first month we saw him change, we saw our first smile... he went to lots of places from the park, the Biltmore School to pick up his sister, to a coupe of malls and out to eat at Latin American Cafeteria. He enjoys being outside, listening to his sister and being with mommy.

C is doing amazing! At 3.5 she finished her second year of school, she continues to love her brother and has adjusted beautifully. She still loves to draw, play with friends, neighbors and her cousins. She enjoys music and running errands with her Coco. She's also started to really bond with her dad.
Tia Ana and SWS

C holding S in his chair 

Sheri captured this moment 

Mother's Day

S about a week old being captured by Sheri 

C and S at 4 weeks 

S after his first bath. His cord fell off on May 20

At one month giving Babo smiles 

At 4 weeks snuggling with Toto
June 1

At 1 week in mommy's arms 

1 week with Tia Kiki

Hope the month of June is as good to you as we hope it is to our little family. 


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  1. Wow! S's percentiles look great for her first month. You must be very proud to have a super healthy baby in your arms. Also, kudos to C for finishing up her second year at school at such a young age! Also, I love the photos you posted. Everybody looks so adorable! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to the whole family! :)

    Kirk White @ MedCare