Friday, August 13, 2010

27 down...

The month is moving along and so is my growth! Over the past couple of days I have not only been feeling and seeing the kicks...but I am definitely feeling the rolling moves. If I am feeling those...that means that I will soon see them.
I went to the doctor this week and shortly after laying his eyes on me, he looked at the chart and then looked at me again and said, "Looks like we are making a big baby here"...yeah...I could have told you that at conception!
The exciting news is that on Wednesday of next week we're getting our 28 week sonogram! We haven't seen Baby C since June when I was 18 we're thrilled about getting to see our big girl in a few days. If the pictures are good I'll post a few for you to see.
In other news...I am working on paintings for the show at Books and Books in September. I posted some previews on my cSd Art & Illustration blog. Click on the link to take a look.
Well, I hope your week went well and may you have a lovely weekend.


  1. love what you are wearing!! and love even more that you are documenting your growing bump!!