Thursday, August 19, 2010

75th % and 3lbs of Love

Yesterday we went and got to see Baby C for the first time in 10 weeks! She is such a cute baby neatly tucked away head down...notice I am not calling her a little baby... at 28 weeks, Baby C is in the 75th % and weighing in at 3lbs! ...avg. weight for this week is about 2 1/4 lbs.
It was amazing to see her though, first we saw her in 2-D...and then they cranked the machine to the 4-D setting, which is 3-D in motion! Our feisty girl was happy as can be sleeping (mom's fault for having had OJ at breakfast and....sacrilidge...a Coke at lunch...I know...I know). Anyhow she was asleep and had her left arm and hand over her nose and mouth, making it challenging to get a good picture of her, however here you have her in 4-D. Isn't she beautiful? ( I think she has my nose...please let her have my's not wrong to say this out loud is it?...and my leg length...that's not too much to ask physically is it?) Everything looks normal and it makes me radiate with joy to know that in 12 short weeks we won't need a machine to see her.

...In other news, the house is in major packing mode. It's a hot hot mess...but soon we'll be in our new home and settled in, which also makes me very happy.

I've also finished a good number of paintings for my art exhibition at Books and Books in Coral Gables. To see how that work is progressing, hop on over to cSd Art & Illustration ...and if you are in town, come out and see the series I am calling "A Slice of Miami Pie" running from Friday September 3- Wednesday September 29th. We'll be there on opening you can see the art, me and my big belly!

Speaking of my big soon as we take the Week 28 photograph I'll blog about it. I am getting one of two reactions these days, "Oh you're tiny for 28 weeks" or "Are you sure you are only having one?" gray area here...just black or white. Personally, I don't care, I love my belly and I LOVE being pregnant, it is by far the most incredible experience I've ever had the privilege of having.

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